snow, red fox, worms, lover, spiders and baby shark

Date: 2/21/2017

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was with my ex boyfriend and he took me to the pier to hook me up with a car repair thing. His friends serviced my car then said the cost was only 30$. I was like damn thats a cheap price but i only had a 20$ in my wallet so i went to a nearby atm to get a ten dollar bill out of my bank account. The. My ex boyfriend butted in and pressed other numbers and 120$ came out instead. I got angry and he just laughed it off. Then i was in the water laying down on a flat floatie. Someone was pushing me around in it and i was smiling and having fun. The water was dark and murky but i was still having fun. Then something was bumping me in my butt from below the water and the floatie was losing its air cos something bit it. The murky water started to touch my legs and i started screaming cos something was now biting my ass. The person pushing me was confused asking me what was wrongand i was yelling at him that there was a shark in the water. I got off and climbed back on the docks, noting that my butt had a dozen little bite marks. Then the person shoved the flotie aside and sure enough there was a baby great white shark in the water. I didnt want to go back in it. Then the dream shifts and im in a small house and theres snow outside. Im going to freeze to death so i go out in search of some warmth and notice a red fox frozen under a sheet of ice. I somehow knew he was hibernating so i cracked the ice open and put his frozen body aside so i could step into his warm nest and sleep in it. But then his body thawed and he was walking around in search of warmth. So i felt bad and took him back to the house. There was no food so i had to hunt for him cos he was getting skinny. I went out and there was a patch of soil in the ground with worms crawling in it. I dug and dug and grabbed the worms and started eating them. I fed some to the fox and then there was a bird there and i was feeding him too. I was talking with them both but i dont remember the conversation. Then the dream shifted and i was with my current lover on a sofa. He were making out but his brother and a little kid were there. We really wanted to have sex and he took out his penis for me to rub secretly under my sweater. I was too conscious of the others being there in the room tho so i got up and left. It was night out and i was contemplating leaving to the street but was worried there might be serial killers and rapists out there. So instead i got my phone and turned on the flashlight. I saw there were spiders all over the trees and walls as well as spider webs so i freaked out and went back inside. Then i woke up.