Weird Wedding Dream

Date: 8/5/2017

By MasheenJr

I had a dream that I was going to some wedding and the wedding kept repeating but I kept marrying a different girl. I think it happened about four times. Then we went to a school. I think it might have been my school, but we were doing something to make up for the wedding. The school had an auditorium with a super high up cat walk and I was standing up there. After we played the star spangled banner. We left and went to the convenience store. This entire time, my brother Sean and his girlfriend Ellie were with us, but when we went into the store, they were working. I went to go buy a balloon and Sean thought it was a condom and stretched it out and popped it. We left the store and went through the drive through to get some food and this dog named Snickers that we met a few weeks ago on our vacation to our cousins' house was following us and we let it in the car. When we were going through the drive through someone was talking and then another person came through and he said he was my brother but It didn't sound like him.