Lone survivors

Date: 6/16/2017

By jah145

I was at a party and I knew the build was gonna collapse. I tried to tell people but they wouldn't listen so I went to get find other people to get the police. Every one looked in a panic and no one would ever stop to look at me. I found a group of kids with someone who I would think was in charge and was the same age as me. I help him grab some bottled waters and I followed him. When we got back a massive wave hit our building. I carried us to what is looked like ruins next to the ocean. We had to fight to current of the water from pulling us into the ocean.all of a sudden it becomes daytime and I know we need to get out of the water. Once we are safe for the moment I realized that there are only four of us left out of the original group and that we are be followed and watch by some creature in the water. We then tried swimming to a larger surface away from water one of us didn't make it and was taken by the creature. It was me another boy and his sister were the only ones left. We began getting closer as friends and think about to head next to find safety...End