Unfaithfulness by Having Weird Sex with Same Gender

Date: 2/14/2017

By Cami-sama

I entered this elevator with a girl I know from my internship. I have a boyfriend and she has a boyfriend, too (both in the dream and in real life). The elevator started moving but not upwards, but sidewards, like we're inside a vehicle. It's just the two of us in the elevator, though. She was talking about how she and her boyfriend does sex every time in that specific hour but sadly, her boyfriend is not there with her. She then started taking off her jeans and panties and told me to do the same. I knew then that I was dreaming, but I followed and did what she said. She then told me "Set your pussy in a 90 degree angle" and I'm like "How?" and she did a demonstration by tilting her hips a bit so her clit appears a bit horizontal with one of her legs stretched upwards. And I followed again and did the same. Then after I did the 90 degrees part, she lowered her raised leg and wrapped it around my hips so that our lips down there kissed. And then she asked "From a scale of 1 to 10, how much did this turn you on?" and 10 is supposed to be the highest, but I didn't feel anything good at all. To not be rude, or hurt her feelings by telling her she's not making me feel good, I decided to lie and told her "9" and she replied "Good" with our pussies still kissing. Then we started kissing, too. I can hear people outside like they wanted to get in the elevator, but I held a button so that the door won't open so our dirty secret won't be for the world to see. Then she moved back a step and I saw how our pussies separated. It looked so (graphical?) (detailed?) (idk the word?) like, it went kinda slow motion and the two pussies looked so wet like drooling, and sticky, and finally they separated (cos it looked to me that they didn't want to get separated). Then she said "Let's do it again."