Pigeons, evil monkeys, a dentist, and Me.

Date: 1/23/2017

By Fitful

I was living in an apartment which was really just this big room. It was like a decaying old studio space, tall ceilings, big windows, doors. Not much else. There was a retro tampon dispenser in the wall which didn't work. I was living there for a job, I never left the apartment so I'm not exactly sure what my job was. I worked for a dentist. He was nice if always home. He lived beyond the room I lived in, in the rest of the building, but my door lead to the garage and he mostly tooled about in there. He only went into work when he had a client, which was only like three times a week. He didn't seem to need the money tho and was rather likeable. I never left this apartment, that was my job, and I also expecting a visitor. I had visitors, a couple girls, they giggled with me over the broken tampon dispenser and we tried to fix it. That night there was a sleepover. The girl with long brown hair came up to me, I thought she was going to kiss me, and I wanted to kiss her so suddenly I got a good wave of confidence and determination and I leaned in to kiss her but her belly was huge and protruded too far so I couldn't get close. It also wasn't soft, it was hard as a rock. But she didn't look that big really. I guess her clothes hid it. It was a good thing anyway because it turned out she just wanted to use my computer. I found some pigeon eggs in a hat which hatched, and underneath them some evil monkeys, 9 little evil monkeys. I don't think they were actually evil, that was just their breed. They always came in a set of 9 too. I took the hatched pigeons and cuddled them and lead them to the window so they could see the sun, which they had never seen. They crowded close to the screen, cooing. I added the monkeys next. I think they turned into puppies. It was suggested I make an appointment to the dentist, my boss and I were walking though his garage which was the only time that remember being out of that apartment. He figured he should do some actual work and that counted. The moment he suggested it I felt tooth pain which seemed old, in various teeth. I planned on doing so immediately, after all he never asked anything of me, and he was my boss, and my insurance would pay for it. I was with an ancient old man, he was visiting I guess. He was really really old but he could read with his hands, well fingers. He read psychic with them. I was fascinated with his fingertips, they were bent into nubs with old age and red. The fingers were knobbed and permanently curved and apparently with old age comes hand pain, when I touched them he flinched. I was very careful when I held his hands. We talked about hands, he inspected mine, and my psychic abilities. We talked long about hands and I loved him for his. He hugged me actually, I remember the hug and feeling it thinking I didn't know the last time someone had hugged me, I cast my mind back to remember and it was the last time I had a girlfriend, I did all that thinking during the hug. His hug was nice, if a bit pointy cause of his jagged bones, and his spine curved so it was like hugging an arch. After that my older sister came home, suddenly. Surprisingly. She was just there Magically, and said everything had been a test which I had passed. All of it the whole thing had been a test. I passed, which she knew I would, and now she could come home. I don't think home was here in this apartment, I think she meant we both could go home. To our real home. Wherever that was.