wtf is going on?!!

Date: 2/12/2017

By Jiggy123

I dreamt about me and Jake going to his aunts house or something and their next-door neighbor was his other aunt or a different family member and that place was over 300 years old and me and Jake posted on Facebook about me being in the wedding dress and him being in a tux Cito but Jake had no problem doing that around his mom and he was talking really loud when I was trying to talk to him quietly. Then there was a commercial on TV and it was like about cigarettes but not really. People were buried with their bed and mattresses for 200 years but they lived forever like vampires. This had to do with the people who lived in the 300-year-old house. They were dug up after 200 years then put right back into the ground. And on the commercial there was fun sand and you could put the sand inside your jeans and the sand would magically create a pattern on your jeans and make them look really really amazing. We were also hanging out with Jakes cousins on a trampoline. I accidentally hit the little one and she went inside. I remember we were married and every time I looked at him my heart melted... kind of like it does in real life. He was with me all through out my dream last night. I love my twin flame!!