Human Monsters

Date: 2/28/2017

By broadwayylmao

I had a dream that started out as me, younger, swimming around in my Aunt Amy's pool. A funeral was being held for what I thought was her mom, who died years ago. Turns out it was for an aunt I didn't know she had. I was out of the pool and showering when all of a sudden I heard a whistle. I figured it was my mom or someone trying to spook me or say hi so I whistled back. It got quiet for a second and happened again. I was creeped but I did it again. Then it grew quiet until the person told me they needed a new liver. The aunt that passed died of liver failure. I had my phone in the shower so I texted my mom to come up because I was scared out of my mind. She walked in and there was nothing. Fast forward and the living aunt is talking to herself in the basement. Matt is there, and he looks creeped out. All of a sudden my mom has to leave, leaving Matt and I with the creepy living aunt. Turns out the spirit is still there and took over the living aunt, who now morphed into this hideous beast with sores starting to boil on her body. Matt and I hightailed it out of there, but that was the beginning. His brain was possessed for a bit, but it only happened when we ran into some other people. Some guy named Nathan (who looked like Ben Platt), a girl from classes named Paris and another guy I know named Matt. They were trying to figure out this mystery, sort of. Nathan was around for the ride. So we couldn't let my Matt come with because he was out of it, so he drove the car around as we went toward this old farmhouse where the next person was. Located there was this guy and a team of other people. We snuck into this field where apparently any camera or media couldn't see us, and as we were waiting to figure out a plan the team came with an injured dude and threw him into the pit. We couldn't see him but the man who owned the farmhouse was absolutely disgusting. He had no arms, but his entire body was stitched together. Giant scars ran down his chest and blood was caked on his skin. He gnashed his teeth and said he was hungry. The team said he'd have to wait. Finally he gave up and said he wanted more, and started chasing after one of the team members before I woke up.