Sexy sexy dragons

Date: 5/5/2017

By fairyfina

So this morning I got up for a few minutes, and then fell asleep again. Essentially, I was in the first person perspective of four different girls, one at a time. I was a new girl each time, and every time I was a new girl to the city. Somehow, I wound up with these really hot, well endowed men, who were dragons, and had MAD SEX with them like it was fuckin hot. At one point I had tentacle sex, but probably not with a dragon. When I was waking up, I was with the fourth, who I didn't know about until I had sex with earlier, and trying to get him to stay with me to bang in This old country cottage thing. So I was like, let's go swimming, and changed into a skimpy bikini, and when that didn't work I just Said hey, let's go skinny dipping, stripped, and we banged. Then it wasn't as satisfying because I wasn't technically asleep, just. Daydreaming. At one point towards the end, there was a view of a dimly lit cottage interior with sparse furniture, one of which was an old fashioned looking tv. Facing away from me, on. I heard someone saying something along the lines of' child's favourite character being an inanimate object eg. A telescope, is called ____' but I'm 80% sure that there was some sort of? Sexual connotation to 'favourite character'? Anyway. Hot dragons. It was fun.