Scariest Nightmare I've ever had.

Date: 3/21/2017

By AngelicOtaku

This dream happened a couple weeks ago although I can remember all of it. I was in these woods. It was really foggy and dark. The trees stretched up into the sky forever it seemed like. I could hear the screams of creatures overhead and the roars of monsters in the distance. I was walking around when I saw this white, glowing figure in the darkness. I went a little closer and realized it was a girl in a white dress. I followed her through the woods for awhile until we reached a clearing. In the clearing I saw a big metal box, big enough to fit grown man into. The girl grabbed a handle on the outside of it and opened the box. She stepped inside and closed it behind her. I decided to follow, because why the hell not? I was getting ready to open it when I hear a heavy stomping behind me. Behind me there's a humongous creature. At least 10 feet tall. It had razor sharp fangs and claws. It looked like smoke was coming of out its eyes. It sniffed the air and looked right on my direction. It roared and ran towards me but I opened the metal box, went inside, and closed the door as fast as I could. The inside had a sort of dim red glow coming from the walls, and the girl wasn't in there. I looked behind me but the seam where the door had been was no longer there. I was trapped inside a metal box. I started hearing this strange high pitched noise ringing in my ears. Then I heard a slight clicking of some sort coming from the walls. I closed my eyes and when I opened them there were thousands of black widow spiders coming from the corners of the metal box, covering me from head to toe. I remember screaming before they drowned me out. Scariest experience I've ever had in a dream. I hope I never have anything like that ever again.