Swelling Walls

Date: 8/17/2017

By Phoebea

I woke one morning in what was Kyle and my apartment. We lived just outside a busy street, a story or two up. I stepped out onto the patio and sea many people walking, as if there was a race going on, or a charity walk of some sort. people saw me and waved/ smiled occasionally. I went back inside to put pants on, rather than just my large t-shirt. when in side I realized that the walls and cieling seemed to be swollen in places. when I touched those places, I walls were flexible and would move easily. they were slightly damp. then when we were examining the walls closer we saw a gap being made between some of the boards that made up the walls. And there was something behind there. we pulled the wall apart and found what we thought at first was drugs. but looking closer it actually was fake plants and other materials to make awesome miniature terrain scenes and other tog type stuff. a man who was either our landlord, or a family figure who wouldn't approve of this ended up showing up and we tried hard to keep what we found hidden, but it was difficult with the state of the walls. he seemed indifferent to the items hidden behind the walls