In my home but not my Sex

Date: 3/18/2017

By sadinarus

So i was at my old house. And I had two floors. my room was upstairs and the living room was downstairs. Sean was staying over and he had his ex-girlfriend there with him. But i was the only one who knew. My mom never realized that she was there. they both were under the sheets and I left them alone. And i kept coming back in the room cause I kept forgetting my things. The first time I went back into the room, Sean was having sex with Jeralyn and he was like "SHAKIRA THIS ISN'T THE TIME RIGHT NOW!" I said "Im soo sorry" and left. I forgot more things and kept finding them doing different things. Eventually they didn't care when i would walk in. One of the times I heard Sean say lets do 69 or lemme eat u out. Thats all I remember. THE END.