I was an Avenger

Date: 7/15/2019

By ItsABlackCat

So this was really weird but somehow, I was technically a superhero w the avengers, tony stark was in charge and giving orders. I’m pretty sure I didn’t exactly have powers, though: I was just super smart and had good strategy so tony was like ‘hey join us in this fight.’ Nobody questioned me when I came in since tony ordered it. We were getting ready to break into this tower for a mission and fight but we all had to be semi-disguised for some reason. I was putting my hair in pigtails, I remember saying ‘I look way different with my hair up’ and then held it up for an example and everyone was like ‘o yah.’ but it was taking a long time to actually put my hair up since the band kept sliding off. I was nervous, too, since everyone seemed to expect me to be all superpowered and fighting like them, when really I was just a nerd who had come up with a good strategy and happened to do it in front of tony stark. When we got into the building it changed and for some reason we had Avatar: The Last Airbender type powers, I could bend water, and the first floor of the tower had like twenty firebender guys so I took em on mostly alone with the others just providing like backup. The next floor my powers were weaker since I was tired out, but the others took lead.