Stranded, Game, and School

Date: 4/7/2019

By AzaleahRiddle

Today's dream is little odd. But then again if you think about it, it's not that much odd. I've dreamt of being stuck in an island. Not just one case but three different cases. They don't have the same concept nor the same characters but it's still the same. 1.) The first one is not stuck perse but rather lost in the wild while floating down the rapids. For some unknown reason the character in this story is Marian Rivera. So the story began as a narration where they are telling how could Marian be lost in the rapids. There is this kind of field trip you know. So as they reach a fork instead of going with the team Marian goes to the other side. It is a restricted site but somehow the guard and the directo filming there has their back turned from the rapids making Marian passed by unnoticed. The most suspicious thing here is that the cameraman is filming the rapids but he didn't tell anything about Marian passing by. It's like he didn't see it. So when Marian passed she continues to flow until somehow and I don't know how she reach a monument park. Suddenly she has this group saying the monument's name. Adding that it has another replica somewhere according to Ferb. I can't remember its name but I think there is something special about it. I said it because they seem to be saying farewell to each other especially Marian like she is going to die. Then I remember that Marian said that she will be staying inside the monument until she died. 2.) The second one is about me this time. We were in a field trip again in an island in Batanes. We were playing in the sea you know, with this tire floaters when the sky turn dark and the sea became violent. Me and my friends decided to get close to the seashore and cling for dear life in a tree as the storm go on. The water is rising and it is a little scary. When I accidentally pierce my friends floaters resulting for it to fly into the deeper part of the see. She was like 'What have you done?! You should give me yours since you pierce mine.' And I was like 'Sorry, but I can't swim. Not even the one where you float in a deep part. I'll drown.' In a surge of guilt I asked another friend of mine to help me get the floaters and maybe I could fix it. So within in to moves I managed to get it. Don't ask me how. I don't know either. I just know that I move only twice. So when I came back to the spot earlier there is this guide that told us to get out of the water and got into the island while we wait for another boat to get us since our boat is overturned during the storm. So while walking I keep blowing air into the floater like a balloon then Jazer handed me a scotch tapoe to cover the hole but it didn't work in the end I just gave up on it. So in the island we live in this large house where the girl's room is seperate from the boys. Nothing much happen, we just did our nightly rituals and that's that. In the boy's room however there is so much excitement. The rooms toilet/shower is haunted. I don't know if it's real since I get the feeling that it's a prank when I am watching the scene. The next day. Sir Mollique wake up all of the boys using some loud noise and a prank here and there. The next scene that I can remember is that we are in a veranda watching the sunset when I saw that a plane is acting wierd. Wobbling from side to side and then completely turning around. It's heading near us and that made me panic a little. It crash near the house and for some unknown reason it did not explode. Someone fix it the same way you fix things in scribblenauts then it's off again in the air. As I was watching it to leave I notice some things that are falling attach to a string. When I grab one I realize that it's a candy. Someone beside (I think it's Dean) me said that it's some help from the Mayor (Totie Paredes). So I grab one but the strings are all tangled. When I was trying to untangle it someone pull the string and I was like this is mine. I didn't know to whom the candy goes to in the end. The next thing I know is that I am walking back into the house complaining that a single candy is no help at all. It should water or canned goods. And Jazer is nodding along beside me. When we reach back into the house someone said that tomorrow the boats will be coming to pick us up. The End. 3.) So the third one is quite peculiar. There four girls in a black lifeboat floating and getting lost in the middle of the sea. One I know is Ruffa Mae Gutierez? The others if I'm not incorrect are also cast in the film Sisterakas? So anyways this one is a fast one. So first the story starts where this four girls are enemy. Being stranded made them became friends. At one point one of them sacrifice herself for the others to eat. When the are losing hope they saw a lighthouse which means they are near a shore. As they go they saw some city lights. Emboldened they proceeded to go to that direction. And they met this couple fishers that help them to go to the shore. End So that's the three stranded story. There are more stories in my dreams so I'll list them out. They are in chronological order after those three stranded story. 1.) This dream is about a game or something it's like Mario but not. Since the character needs to eat this ball like with special water inside to get strong as he gets stronger he turned into like a giant yeti. So he fought this other giant yeti and in the end win. 2.) Since the evil force is defeated the dicrimination and favoritism in our school vanish. There are new buildings with escalator not stairs. So while finding our rightful section not the bias one I decided to follow Jazer since I don't know which section I should be. The confusing part here is that we are also with Czarina and they are talking like friends. Really. Even my dreamself is shocked. So when we reach the second floor to find the section Simon Says, Jazer's section I found my card. The first thing I notice is Ezireign's quote from her salutotorian speech. It's weird I know but in the dream it seems right to have that quote in our card. So the next thing I notice is that I am in section Coriando, which is in the first floor. For some unknown reason I jump from the second floor to the first since there is no elevator going downwards. And there I found the door locked. I discovered that Donnie is also my classmate. At first we were not allowed to enter. I don't know if it is because we are late or our teacher wants to savor the moment of silence in her classroom with three students. The when we were ushered inside. I noticed that there are only 7 desk with two students each and some couple armchairs. We were like only a handful of twenty or more students not exceeding thirty. So the most irritating fact here is that we got a quiz in our first day. Not even an introduction. Thankfully it's about English. I heard Donnie saying 'Basics yan kay Angge. Magaling yan sa English.' The quiz is confusing since evrytime I blink the questions change into another one. I don't know what the results is because I woke up already. There is another dream I can remember but the thing that I can't remember is what part does it happen. So basically in the dream I am complaining to this church servant for unfair correction. Correction of what I don't know.