Blue faced wedding

Date: 3/5/2019

By egarza2346

We were all getting ready to go to my cousins wedding and it all started at my grandmas. Me and my fiancé were getting everything packed and we all headed to the airport. Once we landed in Houston, we headed straight for the hotel. I remember getting ready and my cousins were in the room with us and I was doing my makeup. When I tried to put on concealer, it was just blue paint. I remember just looking at it and trying to wipe it off and it just smeared all over my face. I then remember my mom coming in and telling me to hurry up so I tried reaching for a towel and once I got a hold of the towel, I was instantly down at the wedding. I remember sitting in front of my cousin who was getting married but she wasn’t wearing a wedding dress. She was sitting next to a guy and they were both dressed very casual. I then remember going back to the airport but I couldn’t take a big bag with my so I had to stay behind and have a snowball fight with my fiancé. And then I woke up feeling okay.