Dad loses a finger

Date: 7/5/2019

By UnicornDragon27

A family outing at a park, but with church youth and the youth leaders. Probably a church outing. Anyways this one girl from church, but the younger child version of her runs around with a switchblade. My dad grabs it from her and his pinky finger gets chopped clean off. I pick it up, something about the way it happened made me believe that they wouldn't be able to put it back, but figured meh whatever. We drive around and plan to go to the hospital. and a bunch of weird shit in between happen. Also my grandparents, and mom are also here. For some reason (this happens a lot in my dreams), but they were being idiots and were unhelpful to my dad. My dad was super angry, but not in any pain. My grandma was like "I've seen this shit before" because we have a bunch of family stories of our relatives getting fingers cut off n stuff. This dream city we are driving around in is also in the same city another dream if mine that took place where my dad and I were touring a futuristic science art "building" campus like area. That dream all I remember was the waiting room in the front had toilets built into the couches but like aesthetically pleasing couches. Same city/area. Anyways all the hospitals are closed for some reason or at least all the ER are and just like refuse to look at my dad. I'm on the phone trying to reach one. We finally find one in the underground of a museum of a Victorian like building. We walk the front desk and are like yo u said u would help us, and they look at us and say no they cant. I start pressuring them to help because they're literally the only place open and we are standing in front of the receptionist desks and asking for help. My whole family comes in and starts yelling. I back off, and eventually they say okay for my sake because I was the most level headed person there and they wanted my mom and nana to stop yelling at them. My dad gets escorted out of the room, and my family follows. I say that I have to go to the bathroom and leave through the front door. I think something else happened, but I cant remember. I woke up after that. Crazy thing is, my roommate that morning apparently got her fingers cut by the ceiling fan, and tho it didn't chop them off, she definitely got a scare and a cut. Wild.