Skydive accident

Date: 5/13/2019

By slickviic

I jumped into the dream while in air. It was almost like a YouTube video. I was parachuting down above a lake and circling around afestival type thing looking at how beautiful it was while parachuting. When I circled around I nicked a flagpole and went into the water. The person I was skydiving with landed in the water with me near another islands dock. People with jetskis came to help. I had a very nice camera on me. Like a NICE camera setup. We swam to the main shore and started taking off our gear. I then transported into a bedroom. Maybe the same bedroom of the skydiver who was making the video because he had a nice PC setup. I remember sitting, looking around the room, and noting how bad he was with space management. I looked out the window and he lived in a pretty nice neighborhood. He also had about three old monitors and one was a wide screen. His current set up had a huge widescreen with three tabs of Google chrome open side by side. I glanced at one and one was Twitter. After this dream I woke up kind of sad because of remembering how Twitter and the internet was in the past compared to what it is now. Time to shake it off.