Rebellious Hoyden Leads Secret Rebellion

Date: 4/28/2017

By Fitful

I was attending this school. It was this massive stone castle and it was surrounded by a world broken, the world was literally like a post apocalyptic one. The school had a lot of fair haired people. It was almost monk like there, everyone was young, quiet, and followed the rules. I had a lot of smart friends. I mean genius level intelligent. I had a few friends which had dwarfism, one of them was very smart to. He liked this blonde girl. They girls there, the boys too, were very pretty, like anime pretty. It was kinda perfect there. I hated it. It felt restrictive. The food was bland and the people had so many rules, the silliest things you couldnt do. For instance, have pets was one of them. So my first act of rebellion was to have a mouse. It was this little white mouse and he could talk to me, he lived in this little cage with a broken door. The door opened for him sometimes and he got out, eventually I just took to letting him out when he asked. I would feed him outside his cage, underneath it in a little bowl. He ate pellets and apples. He would take off for two days. I knew it was time for him to leave when the cage got furry and his fur got too long and he was so fluffly he looked like a rabbit. I let him lose and he came back looking smooth and like a little mouse again. He was my friend. I wasn't too keen on the rats that ran around, but remembering him I would try to befriend them. They weren't very smart tho. A prince from a far off kingdom came and was always around me. I hated him, I thought him stuck up. I started misbehaving regularly, outrageous behavior. I stopped following all the rules, I did what I wanted. I was decadent in my misdeeds. I often left the castle, often ran off to do who knew what. I made friends with all the poor decrepit people on the street. They were dirty and old and had motorbikes. The Prince always followed me. Trying to reign me in. Finally the school started expelling me. Everytime the prince would stop them, pull strings, get me back in. I was so irritated. I wanted to be free. I didn't care about the world out there being broken, I wanted out of the cage the school was. I was so rebellious it was as if I was daring them to never take me back. I went around for a day wearing nothing, I was naked. Of course the prince was horrified and tried to contain me. The only reason reason I put on a shirt was because I was concerned the guys on the street would think I was his girlfriend. Finally something happened and everyone had to relocate. The entire castles contents was moved. It was then I learned they all were slaves, every last one of them. The furniture was catalogued, and moved carefully. Every person was catalogued too, but given no mode of transportation. They were sat on the furniture and moved as it was. I thought I was awful. But it got worse. Some of the people were slaughtered with swords. Some of the slaves were just out and out killed. I thought maybe all of them were the scene was so bloody. Then they were turned into vampires. They got up and were Immortal strong beings, but still slaves. The slavery they'd been in before set them up, now they were valuable, and important to the powers that be. The slavery had been set into their bone structure as humans, and now they were Immortal it was irremoveable. The Prince had known none of this, he was horrified too. I had a posse of girls, the smart ones, and we set up a secret resistance. One day when we were transporting a Vampire, or a dead someone who would become one, we were stopped by the police. The girls flirted outrageously while the police came so close to figureing us out. I had knives under me, under the driver seat. They were kitchen knives. One, with a a green handle was broken.