Trapped in dream world.

Date: 7/2/2017

By clairegearhart

I had a dream I was in charge of this place where I was watching over kids or something in this weird little town thing. The police randomly decided to go to a fake war to see who would survive, but when they did that they were supposed to warn me so all the kids would be properly safe. So I called really upset and they couldn't do anything because it's already started. Then this guy I was working with or something locked Ainsley and I into a room, and we had to draw certain things on a wall that corresponded with names and placed and themes, but it was really upsetting because we were supposedly on a cheer team or something together and he was betting us against each other, but we loved each other (as sisters) and we didn't want to do it. Then I won and the guy goes, sorry you're both stuck in here, and locked us in with our whole team. We were all like "whatever, that guy's our friend it doesn't matter." But then someone was like "guys, this is all a dream. He's trapped us in here. Reach to your hand where an IV would be and Paul as hard as you can." Them we all woke up and we were all really sick and fragile, and the guy walked in super angry and started yelling and forcefully pushing all the I.V.'s in. Then we all remembered how he'd kidnapped us and was trying to create a perfect world in his mind. We were all back in the dream world then, and a huge fight went on that I can't really remember but we ended up winning. But now that guy was a woman? Then as he was finally letting us all free, I was the last one still in the dream with him, and he goes "Let me out your dog under and we'll see what happens." Of course I'm horrified and I'm like "of course not. Never." So he goes "at least 10 seconds, or you can be in here forever." Then I said "seven seconds?" He then laughs and his eyes go all crazy so they're black all around with red pupils, and he goes "five minutes of negotiating in here means 30 minutes lost in the real world. You have no idea the time you've lost. Your dog is dead since I've kidnapped you." Then he goes back to normal and is casually like "well we better get going. Your 'friends' are getting hungry." Then I woke up in real life because of my alarm.