Catty house

Date: 2/22/2019

By Dreamberrie

I was at Emma's house in Canberra and there were heaps of cats in her house. We were all doing different things and there were heaps of people around. Lots of little dramas were happening between the people. For some reason I wasn't getting along with Livy. I went outside to do something but she was standing there waiting at the door. She locked it before I could come in. I went to the door on the other side to get in but she locked that one as well. I screamed "fuck you" and gave her the finger but she just shrugged with a half smile and walked away. I walked around to the front of the house to come I there and went to the lounge room at the front to tell Emma what happened. She thought is was weird but didn't have much advice. There were two other people with her the I knew as well. We walked to the other lounge room where Livy and her other housemate and a heaps of other people were. I mad ea throw away joke about being locked outside and they all laughed but I could feel tension between me and Livy and I was still really mad about it. Some of us went for a walk down a dark sketchy alley way. We got to end and there was all this sketchy stuff happening. We saw a door open with a bowl for water and a bowl for food and could see the back of a man inside that was wearing a dirty white wife beater. Somehow we knew it was Georgie's boyfriend and the bowls were for her to eat from like an animal. We sat down and she was upset. We were telling her that she deserved better but she made up some dumb excuse that seemed sort of reasonable and we couldn't convince her otherwise. We went back to Emma's and I went by myself to slightly different alley it it was day time this time. I realised too late that my pet cat had followed me and there were cats EVERYWHERE. Big alley cats that were defending their territory. My cat Poppy was behind me so I was chasing away the other cats. I chased away a white cat with curly poodle hair. Poppy ran up a fence and sat on a spot where she could see everything. A fat fluffy grey cat sat growling at her but didn't move.