The Key to Understanding my Dreams is Stolen and Everything goes Wrong.

Date: 6/16/2017

By drunchee

I'm walking around with a girl about my age in Fremont. The skies are grey, and Fremont looks dingy. Classic Fremont. Only one things different; we're also in Minecraft. It doesn't look too blocky, but there's an occasional cave Ogre from Mo'Creatures I see. Anyhow, the girl shows me an AT episode on her phone, and I ask her if the turtle shell episode was real, the one from my dream before. She said yes and was about to show me, when suddenly my dream shifts and I'm now inside of a Minecraft Letsplay, with the Roosterteeth crew, but I'm also 2D from Gorillaz. COME ON I WAS JUST ABOUT TO GET MORE INFO ON THE ADVENTURE TIME TURTLE SHELL EPISODE!!!! Stuff starts exploding and Geoff, the Rooster Teeth boss, claims it's all a "new game." I never figured out what the minecraft game was though. My dream changes again and I'm no longer 2D or in Minecraft-like worlds. I'm now a demigod son of the Greek Goddess Nemesis, in a play battle with another son of Nemisis who has an eye patch. We're throwing sticks and such at each other, in a muddy forest like by the library, and occasionally we switch from being Nemisis demigods to being Drew and Garrett. I have on these loose, weird-shaped flip flops that keep coming off and getting mud in them. This weird collection of dreams ends with Garrett's voice inside the Nemisis brother's body saying that the pizza we previously ate wasn't very good. The Nemesis brothers looked like Gargamel but with an eyepatch.