Amusement Park

Date: 6/21/2017

By supaninja007

I remember going to an amusement park with my family. But I ended up going to some sort of weird town plaza residential apartment and amusement park hybrid. I ended being with some of my friends including Amir and Priscilla. We went onto a ride that had something to do with loops. I said nobody throw up on the ride cuz that would be nasty. We go on and part of the ride goes in between two apartment buildings. I remember putting my seatbelt on after like 2 mins into the ride and saying that was a close one. I then remember that part of this park is like a college campus. I walk into a computer lab and a ton of my friends were in there. A lot of Engineering friends but there was Neil who is a bio major. I said why are we all in here bothering Neil who's trying to do his work. I then walking up to an old Coworker who was doing some HtML. I asked what class that was for and he said IT. I asked if he's an IT major but I was confused asking him because in real life I knew he was a Civil major. I woke up.