31. helicopter saved me and Dean Whinchester from a mountain.🚁🏔

Date: 2/14/2017

By Raul

I was with Dean Winchester on a cliff side hanging on a robe for dear life. We got rescued by a passing hellicopter/lane thing... When they landed in my citty and took off I start walking home. Half way I realised I forgot my backback so I start runing back, I realise I'm not fast enough so I drop on all four and start runing like an animal to gain more momentum. I reach the landindg zone and find my back pack. When I open it I see my cat inside and think to myself " omg is he dead?" but he shake his head and jumps out with aparently no problem. Aparently I own a bar on the bulevard in micro near the church. A policeman was acusing me of some nonsense, after a few minutes of arguing I flip him off and go in my bar. I see my dad and invite him inside. we start talking...