Alternate Life?

Date: 1/17/2017

By Fitful

There was this diner, and I lived above it. I might have worked there. I found out I was gay, and I didn't tell anyone, a friend of mine, he might have been my brother a coworker, or just someone else adopted by whomever adopted me also found out he was gay. I didn't tell anyone first I just let him go through it alone, coming out to the family, which didn't exactly go smoothly. Finally I let someone find out, or I told someone, and we all decided to tell our father, but the telling didn't go about as planned. It turned out it was my birthday and he was throwing a party for me. At the party he ordered a police man who was attending to go and buy me a cake. I was excited because I overheard this but worried he wouldn't spell my name right.