Romance in school, an evil queen wants her kid back, all with zombies?

Date: 5/5/2019

By Sam-wants-to-sleep

I’m walking down the hallways in school. I hear Jason yell and a huge thud came from where he was and then I heard running. I walked to wear I heard the sounds and I see Jason on the floor. His hand is on the right side of his face. And let me just say, he is beautiful enough to be called white boy of the month. To me anyway. I picked him up and steadied him. I allowed him to put his head on my shoulder. So he’s like, way taller than me, so his body is leaning on me, and I’m struggling so fucking hard to keep him up. We are walking to the nurses room. “You know we are really good friends babe” I laugh and correct him that we are just friends. I make fun and call him babe as well. We laughed and we kept going. Once we made it to the nurses room I placed him on the bed. I don’t remember what we talked about but all I know I was on the ground laughing so hard. I walked out of the nurses office. I got teleported to a new place. I felt a buzz go on my phone. I looked at mine and Jason’s messages and I felt my heart flutter. “I want to be something more than friends, I don’t think I would just be able to be friends”. That’s when I heard growling and I turned to the right. I saw zombies and I screamed. I ran to a gated huge ass community. I quickly climbed it and once I was over it I rushed to the inside. I looked around and went inside. Out of nowhere I went outside of my body and I saw the mayor Regina Mills storming to a room and flicking the door open with her Magic. “Where is my daughter” Emma Swan who looked like a princess pulled a girl behind her. “She is my daughter” Regina swiped her hand and her daughter was with her. “Give her back” Emma threw her hands back and I heard a gate opening. “You bitch” immediately Reginas magic wrapped around her and a case of ice Incased them. Emma ran to the block of ice and screamed in pain that her daughter would be stuck in there until Reginas magic power ran out, which would be a long time. I flew back into my body and saw that a heard of zombies were swarming in. Immediately I felt myself being thrown out of the building and I saw the doors being slammed close. I got up and ran and jumped up on the gates. I balanced myself to walk on the gate. I grabbed my phone and put on “Devotion and Desire” I threw the phone down a couple feet from the gate. The zombies herded themselves to my phone. With my magic power that I just discovered I closed the gates. I jumped off the gate and ran to the building as well. I entered the building and felt my world go black. I opened my eyes and saw Emma with a child. A boy. I was shocked and got up. I left my body again. I looked at the child and saw that he was ten, just like the girl. Has ten years passed. I looked around and saw with my own eye the ice shell disappear. I was surprised. “Emma, who is this” Regina asked, “My son, now give me back my daughter” I sighed and leaned against a wall. I felt myself being transported back to the nurses room. Jason was looking over his phone, worried I guess. “Jason...” Jason looked up in surprise and held my hands. “Samara, please... give me an answer” I felt myself going Red. I was about to give an answer when I woke up. I’m pretty sure I would have said yes tbfh.

AI generated interpretation This dream seemingly portrays a mixture of romantic and dramatic elements along with a hint of supernatural scenarios. The school setting and the romantic interactions between the dreamer and Jason suggest a sense of emotional attachment and desire for intimacy. However, the presence of zombies and the evil queen signify potential obstacles and threats that could disrupt the dreamer's pursuit of love. The sudden appearance of the mayor and the princess-like character, Emma, along with their ongoing power struggle seem to depict a clash of authority figures. Regina's demand for her daughter and Emma's refusal to comply mirrors an adversarial dynamic, which could be seen as a manifestation of the dreamer's unconscious fears or insecurities about powerful people's influence in their life. The dreamer's discovery of their magical powers and ability to control the zombies and the gates may demonstrate their potential for resourcefulness and creative problem-solving. The dreamer seems to overcome the obstacles and protect themselves from harm. However, the sudden disappearance and reappearance of the child may imply uncertainty or confusion regarding the outcome of their efforts. Overall, this dream may suggest the dreamer's desire for romantic fulfillment and emotional security, but at the same time, they may feel threatened by outside forces or challenges. The dreamer might need to overcome their fears and utilize their strengths to navigate through difficult situations.