Uber Hell

Date: 6/26/2017

By JulianaV

Uber driver takes me to his apartament against my will, instead of taking me to my destination. Getting there, everyone is a partner in the crime (the doorman, the neighbors, etc) so I couldn't get help. They strip me down to my underwear. I remember feeling like Rosemary, and then I see my phone: the ride is up to 200$ now, but I can't reach it to call the police. Fortunately, I manage to throw my heavy backpack through the window of the apartament and just ran for the door (the backpack would slow me down). Went running through the stairs, got to the lobby and then the street, catch my backpack on the ground and ran for my life in my undies, trying to get as far as I could go from the apartment. Also I don't remember at what point in the dream, but there was also a frozen pool with old people in it.