Date: 6/10/2017

By emilyassoulin

I am trying to get ready for work. I cant find my work shoes. I start to freak out as im going to be late for work in a few minutes. I finally find my shoes and try to put them on but they don't fit. I struggle to cram my foot into one shoe. Nothing is working. I finally manage to get my shoes on and i am heading to work. For some reason i am with someone and they take me to a restaurant to eat before work. I don't have time for this i think. Im going to be late. We sit down and order. I point to something on the menu and order. Im still nervous that i will be late. The waiter bring my food to the table. The plate that he puts in front of me is weird. It is a slab of salmon that has the middle cut out of it and in the middle is a steak. Im confused by this. I cut into it and start eating. It taste like tuna. Im telling the person im with that we need to leave now, i need to go to work. I am now outside standing by a white suv. My friend is going to drive me to work. I open the passenger side door to get into the car. The door comes completely off the hinges. Im getting frustrated. Come on! I yell. Im now minutes late for work.