A haunted lodge

Date: 8/29/2019

By natassja666

In my dream I had to stay in a haunted lodge that was way up high on a snowy mountain, far away from civilization, with a bunch of other people. Some of the people included my boyfriend, my daughter, my ex best friend maya, a childhood boyfriend Caleb, these twin brothers I know Mack and Conner. And a bunch of other people I don’t remember. Nobody was really taking the ghost thing seriously, except me because the moment I stepped into the lodge I could feel overwhelming negative energy. I wouldn’t let my daughter out of my sight for a second. I thought it was a very suspicious coincidence that so many of the other guests were people from my past, and I felt the house was attempting to mess with me. I also had read that half of the people who had gone missing while staying in the lodge in the past had been twins. I was frantically warning Mack and Connor but they weren’t worried or taking me seriously. At one point I had to go in the basement, apparently alone and get some food. I was talking on the phone with my mom so I wouldn’t be alone, but the second I was far from all the others the phone began cutting out and stopped working. I saw a floating ghost of a girl wearing an oversized white dress, with long black hair and white skin and empty red eye sockets.