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Date: 9/10/2019

By Melinoe

This dream was super strange and I have no idea what it could mean. Any ideas, guys?? I had one of those dreams that stretch over a long, long narrative, but I want to focus on a specific part. I arrived at night from a disorienting walk through some woods to a house atop a hill of perfectly manicured grass. The house was like one of those townhouses: it was a bunch of identical houses in a row all connected. The only thing different about the houses was the bright colors each one was painted in. I entered the one on farthest from where I started out. The inside was very modern, clean, and orderly, though unnornamented. There was only one room, an apartment of sorts, in the house, connected to the next house by a door. I tracked debris inside: I was stinky and dirty from my trek. I opened a closet and lying in a wicker basket was a large, frilled serpent, withered and sickly. It brought up its head to me weakly, nudging me, trying to get at my bosom. From the door, a teenager looked out at me and barked something to someone in the next apartment and watched me warily. I could hear footsteps running towards me through the houses. I saw a strange object suddenly floating down to me: a clear, plastic plate-thing with a veined human heart detailed on it in red and blue raised designs. It fit around my body perfectly, hugging my side and covering the left rib-cage. Out of one of the big, blue arteries connected to the heart, there was a hole my nipple and areola fit through. I really don’t know how my shirt came off, but it had and I took the snake to my breast to let it feed. After it had finished, it collapsed and turned to dust like a burning fuse turns to ash. The teenager and her friends said that that was the final stage of the residence of this place. After you become an animal, a new person has to interact with you before you can die. He had been sick for a long time, & now that I had helped him, I replaced him as the new member of the community and the resident of the apartment. I lived in this isolated place working with the others in agriculture. There were about 6 of us and we were strangely happy together. .