Spies and Supermarkets

Date: 1/28/2019

By azjay

Basically the dream starts in the POV of this lady( not sure wether or not she’s a spy) and she’s driving with her daughter when they get into a traffic stop. Some crazy monster dude gets out of his car and is threatening her so she hops back in the car with her daughter. They’re now driving away and being chased by this evil dude and some of his minions. The car chase is in 3rd person view and im driving rlly recklessly and crashing the car aloooot. The “game” tells me I’ve got about 5 sec left based off of how terribly I’m driving so I go back to the checkpoint and start diving, but slower than before. I then make it to this beach near a mountain and I get out of the car. I walk up to the ocean and the game gives me a choice of 2 flotation devices: a metal pole and a stick. I chose the stick and immediately regretted it cause I would’ve floated better with the pole. So I’m sitting in the water looking for my son(???). Then he pops out of the water with his new friend who just happened to be the King/Prince of the Mermaid/Merman’s (i think my sons got the big gay too). So im all happy and we hug it out and he goes back in the water with his friend (don’t know how he’s survived this whole time cause he’s not a merman but that’s not important). So this lady I’m playing as goes up to this ledge with a chest and as soon as I open the chest the game goes from super realistic to some 90s game. Wild. So basically this chest turns me into a man who works with the army or smth? Then it gives me the choice to upgrade to a general and shows a preview, but for some reason I look like more of a priest than a general. But I click the upgrade anyways and now there’s a bunch of soldiers (presumably mine) running around the mountain. Then something super weird happened. I couldn’t tell wether i had another dream or the dream just changed out of nowhere. But now it was the irl me and my mom in the store. The store didn’t look like a regular grocery store tho. It looked like if you took a hotel lobby shop and made it the size of a reg grocery store. So we’re walking around and I’m looking for some candy to get my brother cause I told him I’d get him some. So we see some truffles but l keep on calling them Cadbury eggs for some reason. So I’m looking for my irl favorite truffle but I couldn’t find it so I settle for the reg milk chocolate ones and I also bug a giant egg shaped one. By the end of this dream idk if I actually got my brother candy or not. So basically I’m buying all this stuff and my moms all like “you’re not gonna have any money left to decorate your room” (which was rlly weird cause atm im redecorating my room and getting a printer and a new desk). In response I said smth along the lines of “but I’m getting a desk so it’s fine, that’s all I need anyways.” And shes like “ok. :/“ and continues walking around this corner. The we bump into this lady and her daughter(s?) aNd somehow my mom gets past them but I don’t so I’m just sitting there waiting for them to move, but they don’t. They just sit there continuing their conversation like I’m not there waiting for them to get tf out of my way. After waiting for a decade i finally get past them and everything around me is starting to get whiter as I’m running to my mom. The Dream ends before I can reach her. Wacky :/