A nightmare I used to have as a young child

Date: 6/10/2017

By JesseZelkin

This happened about 10 years ago and I still remember it quite vividly so I figured I would tell you guys. My 7 year old self is laying in my race car bed in my dimly lit room. Everything is so peaceful and I am beginning to fall asleep. Then it happens. The same thing that happens every single night. Darth Maul (from Starwars) comes into my room and grabs me, throws me over his shoulder, and begins walking. All the while I am frantically screaming and fighting but it makes no difference as I cannot stop him. My efforts mean nothing to him. I am completely helpless. He carries me down my hallway, out my back door, into my backyard. Then he sets me down very gently. I just sit there and watch, silently sobbing, as he digs a very deep hole. Once he is done, he walks over to me and picks me up right under my armpits and I am facing him. I don't struggle now. He gives me a malevolent smile and places me in his freshly dug hole. He then proceeds to bury me alive my while I scream and cry in a mess of snot, dirt, and tears all running down my face. (Real life) I am awoken by my own screams and my mother trying to calm me down. This happened every single night for weeks. Finally my mom found a little Darth Maul action figure I had and threw it away. Only then did the nightmares stop.