First day of school

Date: 8/6/2017

By CreepyLexi13

This dream sort of has three parts but they were also connected in a way. In the beginning, everyone in my grade was in my house for a sleepover. The guys were in my room which was filled with my stuff and the girls were in my parents room. I must have gotten busy or something because everyone was in their pajamas but me. And I was told I couldn't go into my own room but I had to get my clothes so I went anyway. I was standing in front of my closed door for a minute and I hear my old bully talking shit about me. I open my door and completely ignore everyone. I don't know why I didn't say something to him but I just grabbed a few things and left. For the next part, we were all in a classroom and the teacher was talking about how everyone needed to pick a different school to go to and something else but I don't remember. She put me in charge of all of it. So, naturally, I was kind of stressed out. I had to go through a bunch of papers for each person and I had to keep everyone happy as well, I remember I still was mad at the guy who was talking shit about me so I made sure to not even ask where he wanted to go. I was upset because all my friends were going to different schools and I had no idea what to do. And no one even seemed to be asking their friends and they didn't even seem like they were upset to be leaving our school which most of us had been in since kindergarten. At the end of the class I was still stressing about all the papers and then I realized I had no idea where my next class was. For some reason I took my shoes off somewhere and was just walking in my socks. I looked around for a little while and then I decided to go to the office to ask either the principal or the vice principal and the weren't helpful. I showed him my schedule and he was just being really rude. He ended up telling me that my class was in a building outside and he pointed out the window. The ground was covered in snow so I was freaking out about not having my shoes. I left the office to get my shoes but they weren't where I left them and I didn't have my backpack either. So I decided I left it in the office and when I went back he seemed to have no idea what I was talking about so I was really frustrated at this point and I didn't know what to do. I decided to check a few places and then somehow the person in the office was really mad at me and he tied me upside down and raped me and I was really scared. I'm pretty sure that's when I woke up because the whole thing was crazy.