Date: 8/4/2017

By Nightman

I'm at a sort of music festival full of criminals. It's in a field next to a a body of water, lake or river. I befriend a crook who introduces me to my old childhood friend who is surprised to find me there, and well acquainted with much of the crowd. suddenly we see smoke bombs going off in the distance, and we begin to speculate. The gas spreads fast and the crowd panics and begins running in our direction. I can hear above the crowd my y10 maths teachers voice yell "run to the sea children!". The gas is poison. I run to the shore and start swimming. I survive by swimming off a waterfall... I am now on the run. I don't know why I'm being hunted but I am. Who can I trust? Where is it safe to go? Who else survived and is also being hunted? I decide to camp at home which for some reason is actually my grandma's house. I am being watched. Home alone, I hear a noise outside and can see two women pull up. One of them comes inside, notices me and reaches for a gun. I charge her. A success, I've killed her and taken the gun. Extremely pissed, I go outside and hold the second which is a guy now apparently, at gunpoint. *At this point it's all a little hazy* I visit my old next-door neighbor John, and use his phone along with others I've stolen to hack into the school system, making fake accounts to find out what's going on. Later I return home to find my old physics teacher. I sneak attack him with a knife. he's dead. It's over?