A new instrument in a dream (Piano combined with VSTi)?

Date: 3/23/2017

By gorhin1

Last Night I had a dream about playing a instrument that was a mix between VSTi's (Vitural Studio Technology Instruments) and actual piano there where more than the normal amount of keys on the keyboard and when I thought about specific melody and how it sounded in my head I would play the first key that comes to mind and I don't even know how to play piano or read music but once I play that first note the piano would guide me by lighting up the next notes in a neon blue it was just me in a chair in a dark space with this white piano with lots of buttons and stuff that resembled The Sylenth1 vst but combined with a actual piano it was so amazing I'm going to try recreate that melody on FL Studio on my computer cause this melody was so emotionally overpowering it was so melo so sad so deep it was just nothing I ever heard before. Wow all I can say is wow I'm going to dream about this instrument and I'm going to add new features to it in my dream. it's so amazing guys