Larp in the kings tower

Date: 6/7/2017

By RobinEgberts

I was Larping. We are in a very cool three story tower like struckture. This is the castle of the king. After scoping out the tower for a future possible infiltration, I walk upstairs. There I see my friend confronting the king. I forgot what they were talking about exactly, but after a little bit they drew out their swords and started fighting. Here they are on the third floor of a tower, with a hole going through the middle of the floor. it was like a stair tower with three floors. there was no railing. My friend falls off of the edge. After a while I hear a loud thump... He has to be dead. Ghe king was close enough to the edge tp see everything, he said something about him being dead. After I saw him fall of, I buried my face in my hands, I was crying. More from shock then anything. It wasn't like I new the guy OC, but still. Everyone else (there are four people on this floor lefr now) seems to be frozen in place. Someone from downstairs yells: "Do something!". I scream: "someone just call 911 for fuck sake!". we all try to get our phones, but we're larping and don't have our phones on us. The larp ends, the king is dethroned for brutally murdering one of his followers. The dream cuts to me being in a locker/changing room. I'm putting my shoes on while sitting on the floor when someone puts a hand on my schoulder. They leen in front of my face and I recognise it immediatly. It was Lars! The guy who just died! I back away, it startled me. Then he runs off. I call out to him, but he keeps running. I run after him, but after dissapearing behind some people, I can't find him anymore. He's gone. Was he a ghost? Was he real? I don't know. After this I run up to Smir who is standing there with her friends, she couldn't come to this larp because of school. I explain what happend, but I leave out the last part. I didn't know what to make of it yet.