An old school friend

Date: 9/13/2019

By sharonovo

In this dream I'm studying in a school or collage. After school I traveled back to my home on a "ferry" with my bike. But actually I'm lived in a hill side not a river side". Then I reach the next side of river I got a call from my friend vyshak. And he said I forgot my lunch box in school. And my classmate brings that for me and she came with that with the next ferry. After a few moments she came in a ferry and she come to me and asked to me 'you didn't have your lunch in this lunch box what happens?'. I answered 'I forgot'. She smiles... She's look different when I was study with her. Then I walk to my home with her with chit chat. My house have some repainting works. She give some suggestions like please paint the windows with redisbrown color. Then her father came and she run down a strange steps to him like a primary school girl and jump on his arm. They both r look at me and say good bye then leave. "In this dream the everything isn't my place the school, my home is different from the real life, and the girl was my old school friend and vyshak is work with me now they don't know each other. And I don't know the girl's father I never met him in real life. This dream is totally strange"