Mansion secret and grim reapers river

Date: 5/6/2017

By TheNagual

I was long running through a massive mansion that was now me and my fathers perhaps? On the left wing I look outside and it is dark. There is an outside dinning area setup, my cat is outside and I get James to get her in. There was some climax or mission, and so I set off towards the riverside next to the mansion. I was with a vague dream guide who played as my oracle. Down the long marshy dark riverside, I see where I need to cross. My oracle stops me, I was almost spotted. I look over, a long canoe with about 16 dark clothed monks, 8 on each side. They were rehearsing and counting how many strokes they would need to cross, however, the river was not that long seemingly and I felt as if the river must be treacherously long! These monks did not show their face and they had a deathly presence to them.