Quick nap = something more

Date: 6/26/2019

By heyitsfrannie

So I just woke up from a 2 part of a very long nap and my dream was so weird I need to write it out. I woke up, in my dream, in someone’s apartment. At first I was freaking out because I didn’t know who the apartment belonged to. It was really great they had a really big room with a nice comfy queen size bed. The room had a tv, a closet, a desk and was overall neat with books and clothes laying around. I got up out of the bed and I was wearing someone’s t-shirt. I walked to the door and when I opened it all that flashed in front of my eyes was some witchy/tribal ritual thing where they took me and then I had to run for my life with my mother with me for some reason away from these people. My mom and I were getting far away enough for a while until we got caught in a tent that was extremely hard to get out of. I got out some kind of way and ran for dear life, my mom was close behind when suddenly I woke up. I was woken up by this guy who was laying in the bed next to me. I looked at him and calmed down, (I believe we were dating), and started to breathe normally. I had been sweating bullets in my dream and therefore was soaking wet. I looked at the guy and he wasn’t anyone I recognize now, in real life, but in my dream he was one of the tribal/ritual people in my other dream. This absolutely freaked me out, i mean FREAKED. ME. OUT. So when I changed into another one of his shirts we realized it was earlier enough to get up, so we laid in bed together for a while. Eventually we got up and said he would make us some breakfast. I took this time to call my mom and ask her did she remember anything strange or crazy happening the night before, she didn’t answer, but she had sent me an article or 2 about something she read early that morning before work. So I figured she was okay. So, the way his apartment was set up was great, it was an open floor plan. As soon as you walked in the front door, there was the kitchen to your left with a island so you could eat there instead of needing a dining table. Then on the left was the living room with a big tv, a big on comfy coach with a coffee table. There was also another room, that belonged to his best friend. I don’t remember her name, but I remember she was saying Brenda Song lol. Anyway they had a really nice apartment. I sat down and at with him at the island, we were talking and I brought up that I think I’m ready to have sex. Now I don’t know how long we were dating, but I do know that I’m a virgin and I wouldn’t just say that casually. It’s not a serious thing to me, but it’s something that I have and it’s always in the back of my mind. Now obviously bring 21, I’ve done other things, but actual sex isn’t one of those things. Anyway, he looked at me and asked if I was serious, looking very surprised that I mentioned it. I nodded and we continued eating. He suggested that we do it early since his friend wasn’t here and he wasn’t sure when she would be back. I thought for a second and realized that there was something in that dream about sex and the tribal/ritual thing. So, I told him I needed to do some work first and then we could after. So I grabbed my laptop, went to the couch and started texting my two best friends let’s say Jay and D, neither of these idiots answer. And I’m just sitting there procrastinating as he’s doing the dishes. All of a sudden his friend walks in, she smiles and says hey to both of us. I get up, walk to the frame of her door and start chatting with her, when the guy come up behind he, leans on me and wraps his arms around my waist. We sit there talking for a bit, when the door rings, he goes to get it and it’s her girlfriend, Brenda Song. Why her girlfriend was Brenda Song, i don’t know, why I never heard either of their names, I also don’t know. But what I do know is that every time I thought about sex, my brain would flash to the ritual thing and scare me. And after writing all this, I think I know what it’s about. We life, imitates art and that’s what my brain is currently doing. I am 21 years old and yeah I’m a virgin, but it’s not something that’s a big deal to me. I just haven’t had sex, not because the opportunity never came, but because I never wanted to. It just wasn’t that big of a deal to me as it was to others. But today, earlier today this guy was like, “you trying to fuck” and first i was flabbergasted by the question. I mean what the hell do I look like, I’m a classy, college educated, sorority women who the hell was the bum of a guy to ask to have sex with me. We weren’t dating, not talking, he’s not my type in the slightest. And I think my brain kicked into over drive to show me how I viewed sex as this big scary ritual, that will cost me my innocence in the eyes of my mother or something i don’t know. If anyone knows more, help a girl out haha. Thanks.