Convention at a craft store?

Date: 3/10/2017

By FatGoose

This dream started out in an odd version of the break room at the office I work at. John, Nick, and I were talking about what was going to happen today, kind of felt like a prep talk before we left to go somewhere. I felt like we were going to the conference we went to a few weeks ago. We ended up at a craft store somehow. There were booths like at the convention center and we were playing with the things displayed at the booths. I remember John spilling some water and Nick was talking to two girls. We left the convention/craft store thing. I felt like we were back at the break room but it was at the front of a classroom and we brought some of the things from the booths we got at the convention. Pat McKnight was there and was making a girl take a written test. Steve was at the table at the front of the classroom, in the break room? He was playing with a strange, distorted, green, foam skull. I picked up a more normal one that was sitting next to him and squeezed it. I remember playing with a top or some other little toy while talking to Steve. Nick left with one or both of the girls to go get some food at the cafeteria.