Virus Victims

Date: 3/31/2017

By estra

I was in this dimly lit hospital, straight out of a horror movie with blood slathered on the walls and the lights flickering. I was scared, I kept looking behind me. Then I became aware that someone else had been with me, but whatever was after me had separated us. I was afraid my partner was dead. When I looked back the next time I received a huge shock, because there at the end of the hall was a girl with long dark hair in a white, blood covered dress. She was just standing there, staring at me. One look and I panicked, and turned to run. I flew down hallway after hallway, making quick twists and turns, trying hard to loose this girl, but every time I glanced behind she was there, barely an arm's reach away. I could almost feel her fingers brushing my back. Now that she was so close to me, I noticed how haunted her eyes were. Thick black streaks where running from them, down her cheeks and dripping into her hair. Her eyes were puffy and red, as if she was deathly sick. I decided somewhere that it made sense that she was "one of the virus victims", and that just solidified the fact that I could not let her catch me. I swerved around a corner and came face to face with a closed door. I opened it and ran through, just managing to shut the door in her face. She screeched. I found myself in a darkened bathroom, but I had the sense that this was not the place that the door I'd just went through led to. I was in a new area. Everything was pitch black, even the hallway outside. Somehow I managed to hoist myself up and balance on top of a bathroom stall, thinking "when she comes to find me, maybe she won't notice where I'm hiding!" Except someone else found me first, a fellow runner. I whispered at them after I got over the shock of them appearing out of nowhere. I tried explaining what I was doing, and what they should do, too, but then the sick girl caught up with us. The person panicked and ran away, the girl looked directly at me in my hiding spot, smiled darkly, then followed them out. I snapped awake knowing the girl knew she was winning.