no name

Date: 2/20/2017

By HorizontalTwo08

I was in a city bus going down the Seward to an unknown destination. (We we were going away form anchorage). Eventually, we got to Mchugh Creek. There the group was kjl one by one horror movie style by aliens or monsters like that. We found an old jet not a bush plane some where at the top of the mountain. I began flying it and halfway through the flight (going to anchorage) the engines failed while over the ocean. I glided the plane over anchorage and in to a field. I woke later in the hospital looking at TV with a news story on the crashed plane. I later went to my grandmother's in northern Oklahoma panhandle. There was something by the round top and was gonna get the cattle horses if we did get it so we got on the atv's (siblings and cousins). I had a 22 rifle. I think one of the other S had a pellet gun. That thing was one of the monsters from AK. We tried to kill it but we couldn't get. Through out the night we heard it trying to get in to the house. We had just barely gotten the dogs in on time. This continued for a couple of nights. We couldn't seem to kill the damn thing. One night I was up with my rifle in the house I some movement in the dark slowly heading I flicked the safety off aimed to where I saw the most of the movement and pulled the trigger. I heard it roar in and as my family turned on the lights, I saw I had gotten right in the head by pure luck. It liked a lot like one of the normal lizards from blood bowl.