Rio Grande City

Date: 7/22/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

I don't know exactly how, or what for, but there I was. in RGC. it might have been a funeral. I was at my grandma's old house, sitting at a table among a collection of tables that somehow fit in that kitchen. everyone was eating lasagna. I was not eating, but killing time reading a book until everyone was done so that I could have leftovers. the chapter was very short, and I thought that was strange. next thing I recall is going with D and Antoinette to a place like Peter piper pizza, but it was Mexican food. a bunch of girls went into the bathroom (and I followed to make sure they did). leading 1 of them into one of the stalls where they shot her because they were worried about her talking about something bad they were all in on. none of the girls were familiar, but they were all attractive and dressed nicely. I left immediately when I saw what was going to happen and I went looking for D. I could not find him right away, and on the way out of the restroom, someone asked me if I heard a banging sound. I did not answer and just looked for D. there were lots of people there and children, and I was having a hard time finding him. I did not find him until I walked outside where many people were leaving. I found him among a crowd of people. I asked him if he still had money and he pulled out call from his pocket, some of it falling to the ground. we walked back inside to wait for someone. I honestly can't recall who or why, though it may have been waiting for Antoinette. we were sitting on a table and for some reason, Ophelia was there, looking sexy as hell and smiling at me. her pants had rips in them and she kept sitting in provocative positions and smiling at me. I recall getting a bit annoyed that we were waiting and looking at some of the game machines, which I pointed out to D. I asked him what was upstairs and he said, more games and went upstairs. I don't recall how long I was waiting, but eventually, my yay me and D were outside getting ready to leave. But again we had to wait while someone ordered food for everyone who wad not there. the menu was huge and was set up like at sonic. I wanted it to be done. when me and D finally got to the business of leaving, I could not recall what type of car I rented or what color or where I parked. there was another man next to me walking and he said something, but I don't know what. I told him that I needed to stop smoking so much weed. I pulled the rental key out of my pocket and it was sc Chrysler. I hit the alarm button and the cat we were walking to beeped.