A Melting Pot (but not actually)

Date: 3/4/2017

By ImprovdHat

1) My little brother was wearing my nice jacket (a maroon and gray one that's nice not bc it's warm but bc I look gud). I was really annoyed, plus he looked ridiculous. He said it was because he couldn't find his winter coat. My sister and my dad were waiting for us so I put on my good winter coat and gave him a smaller brown one of mine saying "take this, the other you have on won't work, it's for decoration." 2)I was in a UFC-esque competition with two teams. I was on one side and this senior guy (Joey) was on the other. I had beaten most of the people on his team, and when it was his turn (you wrestled everyone on the opposite team one by one till you lost) he beat everyone except me. When I was going to face him I remember being really worried for va number of reasons. The first being if I won then his reputation would never recover. An outgoing guy like him being beat down by a smol girl? Inconceivable. I could just stand there and let him take me down but then everyone would either think I let him win or I was too much of a wimp to fight. I figured I could just try my best but win or lose things weren't going to end well. I didn't even like him that much but I would still feel awful if everyone made fun of him if it turned out I was the better fighter. I don't remember what I did. 3) a dream with Joey and Jacob (Cashmen)...idk what harkened happened