Grandma visited

Date: 4/21/2017

By Neek

This dream took place the morning before my grandmas Funeral. I was sleeping on the couch at my cousins house, which had burned down a least 10 years before this. We also were much younger in this dream My cousin woke me up. She asked me to come into the kitchen because our grandma was hear to visit. She was very excited. This made me mad. I told her she shouldn't joke this way. "You know she's dead!", I said. She begged, "come on! She's here!" She pulled my hand. I drew it back. I told her she was scaring me. Then, my grandmas appeared in front of us. She was transparent though. She smiled happily. She said, "Neek, it's me! Everything's ok. I'm happy!" I reached my hand out to see if my hand would go through her, but I touched her boob. 😂😂😂. We hugged. It felt sooo real. She exited through the wall, but I called her back. I wanted her to see my other cousin. In a split second she was back standing with her, but down an exaggerated hallway. I watched from a distance as my cousin handed her a bundled up baby. At the time in real life my cousin was pregnant. I woke up after that. Several family members had dreams in which my grandma told them that she was ok and happy! 😊