Tower with Agus

Date: 2/18/2017

By Its_Thiago

OK so we were in the very top of a very high tower with Agustina Quintana and we were running late for something I believe it was a class I don't know why because we don't actually share any classes or university for that matter. Anyways we were rushing down the stairs when I decided to fucking slide through the handle of the stairs instead of going through the actual stairs so we basically slide and grind our way to the bottom and once we get there we started like fucking parkouring everywhere until she decides that she wants to go the other way and I still try to catch her and tell her you're going to wrong way but she wouldn't stop so I chase her everywhere and I kind of end up losing her through the crowd somewhere in a very dark neighborhood and at that right moment I am teleported to the dream of the old lady in the storm