Stockholm Syndrome

Date: 4/24/2017

By LucidSeer

Worst dream ever! In the beginning of the dream I was constantly emotionally tortured by Benedict Cumberbatch, of all people. First, I hated him, as he was cruel and mean and did things to make me hurt on the inside. He would do little things constantly to make me feel crazy. He held me captive and retrained my brain day-by-day so that I eventually didn't want to escape anymore. He would do terrible things to me that would make me afraid to leave. He tortured me psychologically. I felt EVERY STEP of the conditioning FOR REAL. He made me completely afraid of leaving, to the point where I viewed him as my only rescuer. Even when the media and people tried to rescue me, I instead viewed them as evil and trying to get in my way, and I kept escaping back to him. I was desperate for him to come back to get me. I immediately ran to him when he finally came for me. Then we ran off to another land together, a bizarre land of dullness, like medicated dullness (here I was aware I was dreaming but was so conditioned I didn't want to leave the story of the dream). It was here that he started to allow me to visit the public every day, just a little bit. Like going to the beach to say hi to a few people. I was resigned that this was now my life. And I was happy that I was with him. But then... it turned out that it was all just a movie. And whoever created it did it to traumatize and prey upon the people (women/me) so that when I left the theater I would be vulnerable and weak. I was attacked as soon as I left the movie by men who wanted to hold me captive and torture me and use my conditioned fear-state all against me. I couldn't get away from them as they kept stalling me and preventing me from leaving. They were hurting me physically. I couldn't get away. They kept laughing at me and my state of being. Like it was all a cruel joke. They were cruel. I was a broken person. Then I woke up.... Ok WTF! Why THAT dream? And too too fucking real. I now completely understand how a person can love their abuser. Full on Stockholm Syndrome..... There is so much more to the dream that I can't remember. So much more to the beginning and how he created me. How he created my desire to stay with him. I could feel the day in and day out conditioning and what he was doing to my brain, and I believed it. I felt every inch of it as if it was real. WTF I even still feel the Stockholm Syndrome effects...