Very puny!

Date: 5/22/2017

By lemon_ricotta

Here's my dream: I am walking through a forest with large trees and in the distance I see a group of bears 🐻 and one begins to come after me. There's snow on the ground and the patch of trees surrounding me had low hanging branches so I started swinging myself across the snowy ❄️ surface. At the edge of the forest there was a house and I ran through the front door. Feeling safe, I take out my phone and begin scrolling; a few second later I hear a bang. The bear is ramming against the door. I try to hold the door shut but the bear overpowered me and I woke up. Here's waking life: I get into work and overhear a couple coworkers mention the word pun. Not knowing what a pun is (am I a simp?) I ask my neighboring coworker what a pun is. She gives two examples which struck me as odd given the occurrences in my dream. 1) a BEAR 🐻 is attacking you and you say this is too much to BARE 2) there's a show you're supposed to see but it's SNOWING outside and you say 'SNOW ❄️ much for the show' Synchronicity or coincidence?