Caught Naked, Awful Family Dinner

Date: 4/26/2017

By seascarlet

I was in a hotel room with Jeff. We were on separate beds with a wall partition between us laughing and joking. I think we'd been having sex. Now I was naked and jumping on the bed just because it was bouncy. At some point I felt a tickle and realized one of my own long hairs had gotten lodged somehow in my crotch. I was standing there trying to pull it out when a woman yelled at me. I looked up and she had a bunch of luggage and a little boy with her and was covering his eyes. I was mortified, but for some reason just stood there trying to explain away what I was doing so she would not know I was trying to pull a hair out of my um... yeah. Eventually she went away and Jeff and I put together that she had rented the room and we were late leaving and had gone in the wrong room. I was just laying under the covers traumatized at this point. The lady came back and stood over me and yelled at me some more. Eventually we all left and I heard her complaining to hotel staff about me, the crappy food, and the hotel in general. Jeff and I had to go eat dinner with my parents and several other family members including two young cousins I'd only ever met once. I was feeling completely despondent though, so I crawled under the table and lied down. There was a floor-length table cloth so no one could see me, but everyone knew I was under there, and despondent. They tried to get me to at least come out for my cousins, but I said now is not a good time. I knew they all must think I was crazy but I didn't care. Mom started talking to Jeff and asking him if he was ever going to marry me. He said "I mean one day" and she said he's been saying that for six years. I was actually kind of amused at that bit of conversation. Then Jeff came under the table trying to cheer me up with things I didn't really care about, like this band's new album or that KPop group putting out a vinyl record. He's way more into that stuff than me. I don't even collect vinyl records. I wished he'd say something meaningful. Eventually I came out and slipped into a seat in front of the young (maybe 12?) female cousin but I put my head down in my arms, only showing my eyes to her. My mom tried to get me to talk about my job in mental health, but I just wanted to talk about how I'm also a patient there, which I was in the dream, but not irl. The girl looked at me and laughed and I did too, but when I stopped laughing and she realized how hurt I was she started crying.