Trapped in a Haunted House with my Alien Lover

Date: 8/3/2017

By toxxicduck

I was trapped in a crazy haunted house with Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect. It was a very gothic generic haunted house, like Disneyland Haunted House style. We ran through the house, trying to escape it. Every door we opened led to a different room, and would change if we closed the door and opened it again. It was a neverending spooky maze. I kept hearing scary sounds and expecting some monster to slither out of the dark which we kept hiding from. It kind of reminds me now of Amnesia: Dark Descent. There were so many different rooms and even outdoor parts like a courtyard and a graveyard. In fact, it was basically what the board game Betrayal at the House on the Hill would be like in real life. Beyond the outdoor parts however, past the black iron spiky fence that closed these parts off, was simply nothing. It was just blackness forever. It seemed like we were on a floating island in a black void. We went through room after room, finding some rooms twice and hearing different sounds in each. I felt safe with Garrus, he is my alien hubby who will protect me. Eventually, Garrus walked through a door too far ahead of me and the door slammed shut behind him on its own. I ran to the door, opened it, but it was an entirely different room and Garrus was nowhere to be seen. I went on by myself, feeling terrified of every sound, walking slowly and searching for Garrus. Finding him was now first priority. Eventually I found myself in a bedroom. The bed was tall with a pink comforter, and on one side of the room was a sliding closet door made of angular panels. I could see through the panels and into another room. I don’t remember what the other room looked like, but when I peeked through the panels I saw a big lumbering monster in it. The dream was definitely like Amnesia now. Going back the way I came was a non-option in my dream head. I was set on going through each room and opening new doors, never going back (but maybe that was the answer, huh?). I’m not sure how I managed it, but I had opened the sliding closet doors and sneakily got the monsters attention so it would come into the room with the pink bed. The monster looked like a really skinny lion that stood stooped on two legs, kind of like a chimpanzee. Looked like the Nina-Alexander chimera in FML, except more ferocious looking. I lured the creature into the room without showing myself entirely, so it came slowly in to investigate. I hid underneath the bed as it lumbered itself into the room looking for me. It was very intense, but I managed to not panic. When it was near the door where I had originally came in through, I quickly crawled myself out from under the bed and snuck through the closet and ran through the next door. I was out in the graveyard again. It was tinted green, with wispy thin fog and black dead trees here and there. Also the graves were sideways and broken and the area was surrounded by the black fence. In the center, through a maze of even more black fences, was a big black Mausoleum. When I reached the mausoleum, I heard movement on the other side. I inched toward the corner to peek around at whatever it was, and then ran straight into Garrus! It scared the crap out of me, but I was so happy to see him! My brave alien lover here to rescue me and keep me safe! Despite this dream being horror-themed, it wasn’t actually a nightmare. The fright I felt during it was more like that thrilled feeling one gets when at a Halloween fun-house. Though Garrus may be an alien from another planet, it is totally NOT weird how much I like him. Totally not weird at all.