Time Weaver

Date: 7/14/2017

By Sweetdevilprincess

A woman met a older black man who said he could help her situation. He knows who she is and where she thinks things went wrong. He said he could fix it. She believed him and took his hand. They went back to a day she was in a store and saw a painted picture of herself as a child. She didn't know how she got there but she was in the past and this man had helped. Why she didn't know but he had. He told her that she had to go to the front and complain about something which would get her the painting for $10 and a grand for saying something. She did just that and. Exactly what he said would happen did. She got the painting and a grand in her pocket. They left with the woman thanking the man profusely. The man told her that that is what is does and what he was meant to do. She asks him if he helps others like her why doesn't he help himself. A sadness washed over his face. He states that he has tried. But nothing will work. He sees a poster for a jazz reunion and tells her he was once with them but they had parted ways. She tells him he should go. He and her go together. He meets his old friends once again. They laugh. They drink. They prepare for the night. The other men in the group ask if he would join them tonight. He happily agrees. They sing for the night. There are not many people there just the ones that are still alive today who enjoyed their music way back when. They personally thank all who came. Listening to the stories of men who would dance and listen to their music with their late wives and wives who had done the same with their late husbands. They all go to one of the men's homes and reminisce about old times. Telling the man that they wished they never kicked him out. The man wants to go back again try to change things. He does. He tries to go back everything is the same. Nothing works he has already accepted that this would happen. But just one more time might have made a difference. He goes back to the reunion. Tells the woman that he has helped many. But no one has helped him as much as she. He offers to help her more. She declines and just asks to be brought back to when they met so hopefully she can live a better life. He agrees. He tells her that he would just like to drink a glass of water and they would leave. Be fills his glass from the door of the fridge. He finishes his drink and thanks the men for a wonderful night and prepared to take her back. He cannot. He looks tired and older than when she met him. Much, much older. The men enter the kitchen and tell them that he has put too much of himself into helping others like this and it has drained him. They have known for years about him. Not from when they had all been together in their jazz band but after connecting the dots years later. He is older than them by far than he had been to begin with but after weaving time after time it has taken its toll on him. He looks to be about 20-30 years older then all of them when in reality he is only 3. He's dying. He has been slowing killing himself with his weaving.