Date: 7/10/2017

By superunicorn09

Me and a friend you're walking home from the mall. As we seen a pair of cellar doors almost open and then close. I know it was the trap and start to walk away but he insisted on walking that way. "it was just the wind" he hollered at that point someone came out of the doors and grabbed him i ran without hesitation or looking back. After his scream was muffled as the doors closed down over him. But horrible man was chasing after me. He lead me to what I thought was a old lady unable to walk on her own and stop and just stared as I asked for help and shelter. She there was another captured woman tending the garden and yard the when she saw me lit up.i made a plan after a few days to run away throughout back doggy dog ma and my friend made it while she was sleeping and freed my other friend but he was killed my body went limp and I was help up for most of the into the town I told her directions and she pulled me along as I asked a couple of strangers to call 911 they did but unless they knew who and where she was, realizing after 12 failed attempts I had a phone and called 911 too they told us they can't pick us up to safety etc. I called my dad he picked up almost immediately he asked how I was doing and being all casual about this I told him the story and he came to senses that we were in the time loop from 20 years ago he had the same experience but with more friends and he was the only one to make it out alive he drove to us and navigated to the loop house found her name number and address we put the loop to an end and my friend withers away in the back seat and turns to the old lady's body I pushed her out on the street